Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What to do with All These Peppers?

Ever since going to Mexico on my honeymoon, I've been acquiring all these dried chiles. I had the best intentions, but at this point, there is no way that I'll ever use them all. Can you name all the peppers you see here? Sorry the picture isn't that good and the plastic baggies don't help. The real question is, what do I do with them? Make mole sauce? Maybe, but I'd want some help with that. How about a chile cooking party at my place? Invite yourself over and we'll fix up a bunch of spicy grub.

Jasper says, "I dare you to eat them."

For two years running, I have planted poblano peppers in the hopes of becoming a Byrd Park's version of Booby Flay. But alas, my four plants over two years have only produced two (pathetically small) peppers total (always at the end of the season, mind you). Anybody care to explain that one? Maybe mother nature just didn't want me to do this with those poblanos.

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  1. Too short a growing season here for poblanos.. and they like equal day/night length. They are tropical, ya know.

    We did ok with serranos, jalapenos & anaheims, though..


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