Thursday, April 05, 2007

Minimum Rage

Q: When is a protest march quiet and subdued?
A: When it's a symbolic funeral procession through downtown Richmond, mourning the death of the minimum wage increase for the state of Virginia.

Yesterday, I took a couple community service hours from work to lend a hand with this event. We walked two-by-two down Broad Street to the State Capitol grounds where a service was held. Since the General Assembly was back in session, we figured that they should hear from their constituents about the all but forgotten working poor in our state. As a Board member for the Virginia Organizing Project, I was asked to speak to the press a couple times. My father-in-law said that he caught a clip of me on the WTVR 6 o'clock news making a convincing argument (although I only remember
being tongue-tied on camera).

A better spokesperson has turned out to be Ray McAllister of the Richmond
Times-Dispatch. Take a peek at his stellar write up.

Let's hope that this minimum rage event turns into maximum results at next year's General Assembly session (or on election day).

ps: We'll get back to all things food in due time. Just had to give voice to my other passion.