Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Just Bought an SUV*

Most yuppies go for the stroller gold by picking up a $400 BOB or a $700 Bugaboo. Having already scored a haut Peg Perego stroller/carseat combo off of Craigslist, the next step for me is all terrain. Bumpy sidewalks and uneven ground are a serious drag when using an umbrella stroller. So, to reward Jasper for his developing neck strength, I hunted down the best and cheapest jogging stroller on the market. Of course, this toy was for Jasper, not me. Nope, I was not at all interested in the adult accouterments on this thing.

Based on my research, the winner is the Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller. Not only is this a solid stroller for use around town, it also serves as a kickin' ghetto blaster, as it's equipped with speakers and a jack for your MP3 player. Upon assembly, the first song I played was "Raining Blood" by Slayer. And oh, was it ironic sweetness. Jasper is gonna be the hardest MF'n headbanger in the neighborhood. Or, maybe he'll turn his hat to the side while we put the Perceptionists on blast for all to hear (one of my favorite political hip hop groups).

I missed my chance to buy it on Amazon for $100 shipped and now you can't find it there for a reasonable price. It turned out to be for the best, cuz I found a better deal from an eBayer in Connecticut. She received it as a baby shower gift, but didn't use it much. The online price is around $140 plus shipping, but she was offering "Buy It Now" for $50, plus $26 shipping.

If you're lookin for a stroller, you could do worse than this one. Consumer Reports and the Baby Bargains book both recommend it. And parents love the toy dashboard that pops into the baby's console. Apparently it keeps babies occupied real well. That's good, cuz I'll be behind this thing working the coffee cups and iPod like a daddy DJ. The only draw back is that the manual says you can't run with this jogging stroller. The front wheel swivels (and it has a locked one-direction setting), but this one isn't actually for jogging, cuz it's a hybrid "urban terrain" stroller. Whatever, I love it.

*I don't think I would ever buy a gas guzzler type vehicle. However, I do kinda want something statiowagon-y. The Toyota Matrix is totally my style, but they need to make a hybrid or electric version. Until then, I'll just stick with my '97 Honda Civic (33mpg)


  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    You'd have to pry my cold, dead hands off my Maclaren. Weight limit to 50lbs! And Consumer Reports no longer has my confidence about any baby reviews since they've royally screwed up the last two or three carseat reviews. Good luck with your, I mean, Jasper's new ride! Just don't try to walk it all the way to Whole Foods!

  2. Jasper looks so big and grown up in his stroller! I miss that lil guy :)

  3. Oh man. Slayer playing from the stroller? I think you might actually have become my hero-parent. :)

    Hells yeah dude.



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