Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Plea for Help: Babysitter Needed

It's been five months since Jasper was born and Karen and I haven't been out to dinner together since (or a movie, or both). Our second wedding anniversary is Tuesday and we're both resigned to the probability of another night coaxing the little guy to sleep (that's Karen carrying the sleeping sack of taters off to bed). We may not be able to dodge another predictable Tuesday, but it's high time we prioritized Karen and Jason time.

So, friends. If any of you know any reliable sitters, well... we need one. Or better yet, a familiar friend would probably be our preference. We can bribe with cable and premium channels, an adoring snuggle pug, some tasty finger food, and a very dynamic little boy. We're new at baby rearin' but if you've got a kid, maybe we could barter and tend to your tyke in return.

If you're interested, drop a line to jasonguard(at)

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  1. Hope you found a babysitter and had a good anniversary!


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