Sunday, September 07, 2008

Bike Ride to Whole Foods at Short Pump, Pt. 1

There is such a stigma attached to the drive to Short Pump that I feel like I need to do something to justify my curiosity about the new Whole Foods. Much of the negativity has actually come from me and my website, as I've talked endless sh*t about the traffic version of a double windsor knot that is the Short Pump stretch of (far) West Broad. How do my carrots look?

Seriously, the conglomeration of retail fabrication is so epic that most Richmonders just shake their head in wonder. Of course, every other Saturday, even the naysayers wind up strolling through Best Buy or buying fillet by the foot from Tom Leonards. Yeah, I think the place definitely has found a niche as everyone's dirty little gas guzzling secret. But, that's precisely why I'm writing this piece. I want to see if it's possible for a downtown resident to make an ethical trip to Whole Foods and have the whole experience of an earned vacation in the oasis of eco-friendly and ethical organic unprocessed bioregional macrobiotic antioxidant-rich alternative green naturopathy (trade mark).

Jasper says, "Bring me back some organic teething popsicles."

According to Google Maps, the trip is at least 12 miles each way from Byrd Park, taking Patterson and Three Chopt, most of the way. I don't guess that I'll need to get a hotel along the way, but I'm bringing my credit card, just in case. If you haven't noticed, all of this writing is taking place BEFORE the ride. As optimistic as I am about the trip, I'm not sure about the ride back. How will I get my purchases home? FedEx? I could take my wife's bike with the basket on the front, but it would take much longer. Not sure at this point. And then there's my slight hangover from enjoying toxic beverages while watching Chuck Liddell get KTFO'd last night. Let's hope this adventure doesn't do the same to me...

To be continued.

"Just kidding. Be safe, daddy."

part two for ya.


  1. What kind of bike are you using? Also: Good Luck. I hope you don't have to flip off too many drivers.

  2. What a great idea! I rode out to Regency a few years back on a lark and it was easier than I was expecting. You're taking this to a whole new level.

    Is there an alternate east/west rode that could be better than Broad Street? Monument will get you a decent ways out, but damn!

  3. Good job. Maybe Henrico will actually consider bicycles wit their transportation planning.

  4. Good luck Jason. Hope you aren't buyign anything that may melt/spoil. I'm glad you chose to do this today rather than in the rain yesterday.

  5. Thanks for the pats on the back, yall. All of your questions are answered in part two:

    Biking on Broad is bad. Patterson to Three Chopt worked for me. Shopping with a long bike ride to consider is pretty pointless. But, I did pretty good considering.

  6. Not sure why my Pt 2 hasn't shown up on RVABlogs after two hours. Whatever.

  7. The development out there is unspeakably ugly.. the stuff to the west of WF looks like bad LEGOS.

    A busline out that way would be nice...


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