Friday, September 19, 2008

A Sale You Can't Pass Up

Maybe it was because I spent my formative years running amok in my mother's bookstore in San Francisco, but I love to browse in book stores and, if the price is right, bring loads of them home. Or maybe it's because I was renting a house in the 1300 block of W. Cary Street when Chop Suey first opened in 2001, a stones throw from my porch (no, Ward, I didn't throw any stones).

It's bitte sweet to see Chop Suey leaving the Fan/VCU outpost. At this moment, the books are 50% off of the price listed on the inside cover (used books are usually at least half of the cover price). So, that's basically a 75% off sale. The real kicker is the sheer number of books they've still got left to sell. Ward is a shrewd and discerning "book man" and he acquired great stuff. Alas, the inventory isn't all going to fit in their expanded Carytown location and so its been given the red-sticker eviction notice. Bully for those of us who love books!

From the Chop Suey chefs:

After almost 7 years at the original Chop Suey location, it is time for us to close the doors for good and move west. On September 30th, we will close the doors at 1317 West Cary Street for the last time. However, this sad event will coincide with the expansion of Chop Suey Tuey at 2913 West Cary Street. We are currently renovating the upstairs, and will soon fill it with great used books. We have also constructed a gallery and reading space, and will be expanding our hours. So while we are sad to leave the building that gave us not only our name but also our reputation as a community centered store with great, inexpensive books, we are excited to offer Richmond and larger and rejuvenated bookstore in the heart of Carytown.

For the next 2 weeks, all books at Chop Suey Books will be discounted severely. They are all 50% off right now, but the discount will keep increasing until all of the books are gone. There are plenty of great books here still, so come in soon!

I think they're even expanding their hours to accomodate those of us who need extra time making up our minds about which books we want to take home. So, maybe this should be your plan for the weekend. Go to the bar and bring home cheap girls, like Jack Goes Forth. Or go to Chop Suey, and bring home cheap books. Or, heck. Why not both?


  1. I can't lie, I love the original location and I'll miss it.

  2. speaking of a sale... try they have great deals for a lot of local places to eat....


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