Thursday, August 07, 2008

Where do Brussel Sprouts Come From? (and other gardening tales)

When I first posted about growing your own food(ie), I didn't know what to expect from my baby brussel sprout plants. Even as they ballooned into impressive bushes, I confused them with the collard greens, cuz - duh! - there were no sprouts to speak of.

However, as the plants got tall and unruly a few weeks back, a friend of mine pointed out the little fruits growing in the armpits of the stalk. Now, the question is, when do I pick'em?

Today, I pulled this head of cauliflower, as it was just a little passed due. It was fantastic in a red curry over brown rice. Bringing it into the kitchen I thought, it had better be good cuz my other three plants didn't make any veg, just leaves. (if anyone has clue about this, please chime in)

At the Maymont Herb Fair, I bought a zapotec Mexican heirloom tomato plant from Amy's Organics cuz they said the fruits were really gnarly looking. Well, they were right. Can't wait for one to turn red.

As soon as I bragged about my "Green Giant" tomato plants growing to 7ft, the thing shot another foot into the sky and half of the branches turned brown and brittle. Weird, huh? It's been watered (not too much or too little). Parts are growing while others are dying. I don't get it. I know, there's always fried green tomatoes.

Aint' these peppers cute? They come in black and then they turn red. And, they're really spicy. Can anyone identify them? We lost the tag. I'll settle for recipe suggestions.

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  1. methinks those are Black Pearl peppers:


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