Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Naked Hottie on a Hotel Bed

Caught you lookin!

Seriously, though. We went to Shepherdstown, West Virginia to see hundreds of Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs at Pigs, a Sanctuary. I've been there almost ten times since 1995. Richmond Food Not Bombs used to sponsor a hairless pig there named Spanky. He had outlived his usefulness at a skin grafting research lab and they were going to send him to the rendering plant.

There are lots of heart-wrenching stories behind each of the 400 animals at this non-profit utopian farm. Pot-bellied pigs became popular in the late 80s - early 90s when the media got ahold of the dubious story that these cute little guys (as babies, mind you) were better than dogs as they were friendly house-trainable and fairly independent. Well, once everybody ran out and got their own pig, they saw them grow up into less cute 150 lb hairy beasts.

They were still domesticatable, but as hearding animals, they needed a hierarchy in their life. So, the pigs challenged their owners, charging them and swinging their little tusks at human shins. Ouch! Infuriated owners sicked their dogs on the pigs, fired shotguns at them, set them loose in the wild, and tried to carve them up and eat them (too fat, no meat). Hence, they've been popping up at SPCAs, rendering plants, and found wandering around suburban streets. These conditions have created a need for places like the Pigs Sanctuary in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.
Thanks to the stupidification pushed on us by the main stream media, people turned their excitement for pigs into malice. The mistake was to bring them into a house without other pigs to socialize with. And they really need to have access to outdoor space (not unlike your dog, but more so). If you can truly provide those conditions, Pigs would love to place some little porkers with you. Otherwise, you're welcome to visit the pigs (and many other animals) where they're all living out their lives with nothing to fear - where a pig can be a pig.

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