Monday, August 18, 2008

Pamplemousse Flavored La Croix

It's hard to find soft drinks that don't have calorie and carb loaded sugar. Fake sugar is even worse and increasingly hard to locate on the label. Karen was able to find a brand of naturally flavored sparkling water at Kroger. It's called La Croix. Every time she goes to the store, she brings home a different flavored twelve pack of La Croix cans. This time it was pamplemousse. D'yall know what that is? It's French for grapefruit, as it turns out. And, it's freakin delicious. Well, as tasty as a zero calorie sugar-free beverage can be. The lemon flavor is pretty darned good to. Much cheaper than San Pelegrino. Did I mention that the flavor is "all natural." Seriously, I am not getting paid to tell you this.

Update: Digging a little deeper, it seems that the pamplemousse may actually be bigger and sweeter than a grapefruit. Does anyone know where I can get one? Tan-A, probably. Not sure how I'd feel asking a clerk in any store for a "pamplemousse."


  1. RVA - I love La Croix - esp. the lemon or lime. I have not tried the grapefruit yet though. In my pre-preg state, I was a big diet soda drinker (I know artificial sweeteners are bad too), but would try different drinks that did not have the sweeteners or high fruc. in them and that is when I discovered La Croix. Izze and "the switch" are also good drinks, which are made from all natural juice and sparkling water and has a low calorie/sugar content. However, they are a little pricier than La Croix.

    FYI....Ukrops also carries La Croix .

  2. I bought some pamplemousse - delicious! Although, I still like the lime better :)


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