Thursday, July 24, 2008

My 7ft Tall Heirloom Tomato Plants

When the Byrd House Market first opened this spring, I bought some heirloom tomato seedlings called "Green Giant" or something equally ominous. The guy selling them said that you could tell they were heirlooms because the leaves were wide and flat. "They'll get to be 7ft tall if you can support'em," said the farmer. Well, he was right. The gifted and talented seedlings really took to the fresh dirt in my new container gardens.

The plats outgrew their cages several weeks ago and fell over in one of those rain storms. I was heartbroken. But, with a little courage, I stuck some really long poles in the ground around the plants and carefully wrapped twine around the whole mess, forcing my vertical agenda. Now, they're reaching for the sky.

The heirlooms had gotten tangled with the romas and better boys and now they're all encased in twine (towering tendrills belonging to the heirlooms). It'll be a miracle if I can even see into the throng well enough to find the ripe tomatoes. Well, this one by Jasper's foot is obvious enough, but it needs another few days, at least. And check out the size of those prehistoric "wide and flat" leaves.

If I get my act together, I'll take pictures of every variety of tomato that I've got growing. Some of them are really crazy looking.


  1. The folks at the Byrd House Market tried to help me figure out which farmer sold me the plants so I could properly credit him for pointing to a 3 inch tall sprout and acurately predict the arrival of skyscrapers. Anyhow, they narrowed it down to three guys. So, I'm not quite sure. He was set up on the Tilden St side and it was during the "renegade market" prior to the official opening.

    Oh! And the Market's blog saw fit to make Karen and Jasper famous:

  2. Jason- If u need help eating those tomatoes send em my way! Haha.


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