Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Problems with Blogger and My Camera

A month or so ago, my beloved digital camera stopped working. Now, it's a pain in the ass to post pictures. Help me get my beloved back. Another problem I need help with is Blogger. For some reason, pictures keep disappearing from my posts. Not just pics that I stole from other sites, but my personally snapped pictures. Why?

Okay, back to my Fuji Finepix V10. Everyone loves this camera, but it's got this common, totally unprovoked failure, that costs a fortune to fix. I wish the irony was adequate consolation. Instead, the camera taunts me. I turn it on and it says "focus error" after making a bunch of clicking noises and the lense won't come back in. That's all it will do. Some sites say to reformat the card a certain way and then it will fix the camera when you put it back in. Well, I don't know how to do that, even though I bought a card reader, just for that purpose.

I tried customer service, but there doesn't appear to be such a thing with Fuji, just a circular group of links and dead ends. So, I'm looking for an alternative. Any suggestions?

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  1. One of my coworkers is having picture problems with blogger also... may contact them or check their home page to see what is up... as for the camera... sometimes digital and computer stuff just does not have a good shelf life... i recommend Kodak or Sony for your next digi purchase


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