Friday, August 22, 2008

I just poured coffee in my oatmeal... on purpose

So, I emptied my little packet of Quaker Oats into a styrofoam cup and then held it under the Diamond Springs cooler's hot water spigot. Trickle, drip, drip... Silence.

Doh! I need at least another 4 ounces of scalding hot water to make my oatmeal. Then, I look in front of me and notice that I'd just finished pouring myself a cup of hot coffee. The oatmeal was the cinnamon and spice variety. I've had flavored coffee along those lines. Why not oatmeal flavored with coffee? I generally like coffee flavored stuff: mocha (coffee/chocolate), coffee spiked rubs for grilled foods, tiramisu, etc.

The verdict: My oatmeal tased like there were one too many flavors going on. Not really disasterous, just a little off putting. The real kicker was the non-dairy creamer. Yup, I poured the coffee straight outta my mug, after I'd already mixed it up (no sugar). If you think you can detect the powdery aftertaste of non-dairy creamer in your coffee, wait til you try it in oatmeal. Blech!


  1. It may have been a good idea. The non-dairy creamer was probably just a step too far.

  2. For some reason, I'm really into odd flavor combinations. This story is kinda like the chocolate bar falling into the peanut butter jar in the Reeces commercials, but my thing wasn't an accident. It's was desperation. Yeah, the powdered creamer really did impart a pastiness that you just don't want in your mouth. Kinda like that cement mixer shot that sadistic people push on you at the bar on their 21st birthday (didn't happen to me though).


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