Sunday, December 21, 2008

Xmas Dinner: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce?

Karen asked her parents what they wanted for Christmas dinner. "Spaghetti with meat sauce" was the answer. You've probably found me complaining about their finickiness on this site - that baby Jasper is a more adventurous eater than his grandparents. They don't use the internet, but if/when they do then I'll be in trouble. There is no pleasing them except to serve them what they've grown accustomed to for years. Anywho, initially, Karen's mom wanted a rib roast (and we usually spend all day on whatever piece of meat she requests). But, this time Karen asked her to think of something that we could all eat. She said, "Spaghetti with meat sauce."

My wife is really good about avoiding conflict, isolating the problem, and making lemonaid when life gi... you get the picture. She's picked out a highly rated bolognese recipe for her parents and a vegetarian sauce for me. It's probably for the best that our meal is extra easy, as it's gonna be all about Jasper and his new toys all day long. Oh, and maybe some steaming hot glogg.

You're probably wondering what I would have suggested for dinner, since I'm being a total snob about our xmas cuisine. How about this? Or, how about something out of this book ? (stay tuned for a post about it, to be called Iron Chef Battle Vegan).


  1. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Hey - it's your friendly anon poster (mom of 2 from Midlothian). My husband and I have been considering a vegan trial period after the holidays, and I've been perusing vegan cookbooks and trying lots of stuff. (Vegan grilled pizzas tonight - totally awesome except I smoked myself out of my kitchen!) I really want to look into that book you recommended; I haven't seen it before. My new fave is the Veganomicon. And another great photo - your cheese block looks like it's at least two feet long.

  2. anon: You got me writing a comment that was too long and now I'm weaving it into my vegan cookbook piece. So, you gotta wait a bit (and I plan to quote you, if you don't mind). My fetish for cookbooks (and Karen's too) has taken over the house. You can borrow them anytime. And I feel your pain on the smoke in the kitchen. It's been happening to me all the time lately. As for the cheese pic, I had to take it at an angle so I could get the rind in the picture.


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