Monday, December 01, 2008

"I'm Pooping Right Now"

The little guy isn't always pooping, but he has started making these hand motions while he's babbling.

Karen says this is the best evidence that Jasper and I look alike. What do you think?


  1. Jut don't raise him to be one of them whacko liberals.

  2. I think Jasper is the cutest little guy! He has such a sweet face & I love the new hand gestures -he must be Jewish.

  3. Oh, Meade. You do parody so well, gosh darn it. Won't you write a gospel tune about sodomites for my baby? Make it a lullaby, please.

    Jess, that's hilarious. I love it. Not sure I get it, but I love it. As for Jasper's cuteness... I reserve the right to accept all compliments directed toward the baby, since this picture is all about how we look alike.

  4. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Do they make it in adult size XL? It's a perfect xmas present for Charlie.

  5. When the "pooping" onesie picture was taken, I was wearing a t-shirt that says, "pull my finger."


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