Friday, December 12, 2008

Baby Pictures from New York City

We spent five days in New York City, dragging Jasper through every subway between Brooklyn and Manhattan. We stayed in Bed-Stuy with our buddy Kyong, a former Richmonder. It was just like my favorite movie, Do the Right Thing, except it was cold, not hot, and we never saw Da Mayor or palpable racial tension (except for hipster gentrification of trendy Williamsburg). We did, however, see lots of Kodak moments. So, here's a rushed run-down:

Jasper poses with Obama (in cupcake form) at Chelsea Market,
where many Food Network shows are filmed.

It was so cold in NYC that we bundled him in this fleece coverall.

Karen and Kyong push Jasper to the subway in Bedford Stuyvesent, Brooklyn (cameo appearance made by camera strap).

I know Karen and I look crazy here, but Jasper just exclaimed something complicated and exciting... so we responded. Thirty minutes and two breakfast sandwiches later, Jasper spilled a full glass of water on Kyong.

At the play area of a bourgie (and really awesome) coffee shop where Williamsburg nannies bring toddlers to frolic.

Jasper hits Times Square so he can go to Toys R' Us (that's it in the background). We didn't buy anything there, if you can believe it.

Posing in front of Louis Vitton's xmas display.

Local Santas boogaloo for money. Really impressive acrobatics.

The ceiling inside FAO Schwartz while on the escalator.

One of us is pretending to be asleep.

What could I add to this?

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  1. Hello Jason and the Guard family:

    It's Val from the office! (Not to be confused with my favorite "The Office") Love your pixs from NYC. Did the baby have a lil taste of the Obama cupcake (it looks good)? Great blog! Continue to have a great writting and eating good time in 2009!


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