Thursday, December 04, 2008

I Ate at The French Laundry*

*Okay, no I didn't. But MessyCuisine did. And with a restaurant as "important" as the French Laundry, when one Richmonder dines at a world famous eatery, I think we should all feel privileged by extension. This kind of vicarious living is very common, like thinking you have a sex life because you read Jack Goes Forth. Only in this case, you'll save lots of money and in the other case you save trips to the free clinic.

So, my point was that Messy, a largely under-appreciated food blogger, lists every bit of food (13 courses!) and delivers descriptions in his uniquely stilted way. It's followed up with a really insightful epilogue on the whole experience and a critical take on Thomas Keller's renowned cuisine. Not too long, unlike my laugh riot of a review of The Inn at Little Washington (which gave birth to this blog over two years ago). We shared one thing in common from our five star experiences: a tummy ache from too much rich food. Here's hoping that affordable nutritious food will be "in" and expensive painfully pretentious food will be "out" in 2009. But, I'm still totally jealous of Messy.

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