Wednesday, June 11, 2008

(non)Toxic Green Sludge Found at Local Eatery!!!

Batali and Stipe caught holding hands in Richmond!!! Okay, the "eatery" is my kitchen. And the drink wasn't really "found" cuz I made it. And Mario and Michael probably weren't in Richmond when they posed for this photo that I keep in my kitchen. But, I made you look, and that's the point of food blogging, right? Um... no. I like to think that we're not just talking shit or providing a daily dose of (cue sound effect) "critical violations" that will make you recoil in horror about so and so's cooking practices.

Readers, I am feeling a little deflated about this medium right now. Since I've got a couple pressing writing and research projects, I think I'm gonna scale back my "food blogging" for the time being. There are also some existential dilemmas that I need to sort through about blogging. I'm all for alternative media and citizen journalism and just plain storytelling. But I'm not interested in tabloid-style manipulations to attract attention, especially when it could hurt someone or a business's reputation, etc. (I can hear you saying, "yeah, right. you can't stay away"... probably true).

In my estimation, blogging is about creating conversation. Although I'm frequently found here talking to myself, I'm really hoping to engage YOU and/or get you all talking to each other. Have I stretched the truth in a blog-post title before? Yeah. Like two days ago. But, I've also done my best to protect identities, because I'd want to be given the benefit of the doubt if the tables were turned. I dunno. Maybe I've just got my panties in a bunch. Likewise, I enjoy gawking at celebs as much as the next person. And sensational stories are some of my favorite ear candy. But, I don't wanna participate in some kind of "foodie paparazzi." That's just where my head is at right now. So, let's get on with the (non)toxic green sludge that I "found" in my kitchen.

When I have time, I make this disgusting looking drink in my blender and spend a couple hours carrying it around and gulping it down. It tastes better than it looks, of course. I usually start with some juice or water in the blender. Then I add, several kale leaves (w/o spine), a cored apple, some kind of protein powder and/or powdered "greens", frozen fruit like banana, juice of one lemon, and maybe a touch of maple syrup or agave nectar. Viola! Green sludge. Add frozen blueberries and it becomes black gak. Both of which, Karen wouldn't taste if I paid her. But, in leiu of a doctor, I drink this stuff as a preventative measure.

"Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt." -Abraham Lincoln (from a teabag tag this morning)


  1. wow - "foodie paparazzi" - dude, should that hurt? we write about our experiences as they happen and hope that someone benefits from both the good ones and the bad ones.

  2. Should I patent the term? No one else is throwing around "foodie paparazzi." It shouldn't hurt, because it's mostly introspective, identity crisis crap. Ask any of my confidants and you'll find that this is an ongoing mellodrama of mine. I just need to shift my focus for a bit. But I do hope that Richmond bloggers continue to assist with quality/attitude control where ever they/we spend our dough.

  3. I will certainly miss your food posts but understand and agree with what you are saying. I put a lot of weight on intent. And when I am critical of a place (especially if I'm putting it out there on my blog), I try to keep it in context and be specific without being degrading or getting personal. I hope I succeed at that.

  4. you mentioned the "eatery" -- I'm just curious. I actually really enjoy their double cheeseburgers. Horrific on the nutrition scale, but who cares.

  5. My apologies, Erik. I meant "eatery" in the general sense, like restaurant, not the actual Carytown grease-pit. Of course, The Eatery is a guilty pleasure of many a Richmonder. I like the tofu stirfry for $6 and it's enough to feed a small army (and prompt that army to queue up at the bathroom, pronto).


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