Sunday, June 29, 2008

Armageddon Comes to Byrd Park (a pictorial)

Clear signs of doom were in evidence today, including an electric peach sorbet-colored fire in the sky.

At first, I spied it out the window and thought maybe the pretty colored sky was due to some early July 4th celebration in Byrd Park.

Then, I stood on the porch, basking in the beautiful soul-searing "end times," and praying to The Flying Spaghetti Monster to spare my life...

And the lives of my lovely wife and child... or could these be two more horsemen of the apocalypse? Women and children, get thee behind me! I'm outta here.

When I got online to investigate, it appears that people are fleeing the neighborhood, for allegedly legitimate reasons. Sure that I have not been a good enough neighbor and ally, I'm bargaining for my redemption by taking up the pride challenge and "coming out" of blogging retirement. I also found a restaurant reviewer speaking in tongues and writing in nautical gobble-dee-guk.

In the end, it wasn't divine judgment descending on Byrd Park, but actually mother nature's decision to end the suffering of my garden by bringing down a bit of rain.

Well, what's a Sunday with out a little hellfire and brimstone to go with my "Chicken Little" style embarrassment?

ps: Seriously, did anyone else see that sky?


  1. Oh, we did! I walked into the dining room where my 4yo was playing on the floor and cut the lights off so he had no choice but to look out the window...

  2. we've had this sky twice int he last month. the last time, I was out taking pictures with my neighbor. It's very odd seeing the side of your neighbors house a bright orange.


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