Monday, June 23, 2008

Legalize Dogs in Byrd Park. IN TWO WEEKS!!!

City Council will vote tonight on an ordinance to lift the ban on dogs in Byrd Park (or so I hear). I've never really understood the law. Where else can Byrd Park residents take our dogs on walks? The Downtown Expressway? And isn't it kinda hypocritical to bring in border collies every other week to chase off the geese, but call neighborhood dog-walking (with leashes) an illegal act?

Here's the message that I just sent to Bill Pantele, City Council President ( and E. Marty Jewel, 5th District Councilman
( My message is a little flip, but honest. At least I did my civic duty. Maybe you should get in touch with your representative before the big vote as well.

I live a few blocks from Fountain and Swan Lakes and I enjoy walking my dogs around the park (on a leash and with plastic bags in hand). In the three and half years that I've lived here, I've ignored the ordinance that prohibits dogs in the park, considering it ridiculous. Some of my neighbors have done the same and report being harassed by police for walking their dogs in the park. The common reaction to this is, "don't the police have anything more important to do?" Obviously, they do. I hope that you as elected officials and policy makers will change the policy to free up the police to fight crime and reinstate accessibility to the the great neighborhood resource that is Byrd Park.
Jason Guard
Rosewood Ave
Richmond, VA


  1. A few years ago Council voted to allow dogs in Forest Hill park. I personally was chased out of Chimborazo Park while walking my dog.

    Dog owners can go a long ways towards helping by cleaning up afterwards and controlling aggressive dogs. Some of the beasts that pass for dogs these days can be intimidating and leave huge messes.

  2. Just called the City Clerk's office. The ordinance was voted by all nine council members to be continued to the July 14th session. Calling my council rep next. Was anyone there who can report on this?

  3. Michael Dodson10:28 PM

    The change has been continued for 2 more weeks. It is another Council vs. Mayor's staff who are still working out the "kinks". Council currently wants more restricted areas that dogs would not be allowed. Please call or email Council and tell them to act. In, 2005, a 9-0 vote lifting it with NO RESTRICTIONS was passed for both Forest Hill Park & the Canal Walk.


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