Friday, June 13, 2008

Cheapest Dry Cleaner in Richmond

Remember those cleaners with the big $1.19 signs? What ever happened to those places? I don't even think they had a name, just a price per shirt and that was it. Well, I've got a pile of shirts in my car right now and I wanna patronize $1.19. I checked the phone book and there's only seven cleaners listed, none with prices as part of their name or ad. What's a frugal guy (who's too lazy or uncoordinated to iron my own shirts) to do?

If any of you have a suggestion, please add a comment here. I'm mostly interested in the area surrounding the Fan/near-West End. There are some funny bits that have led to this whole escapade, but I'm not going to share those until the comments start rolling in.

By the way, I did call Carytown Cleaners and they said they'd do one shirt for $2.00 and additional shirts are $1.75 each. I can probably bite the bullet and pay that rate, if need be. But, I'm hoping we can collectively unearth the best deal in town. I've already gone so far as to Google "$1.19" and "Richmond," but I only came up with a chicken sandwich* from the UofR dining services. Maybe the bargain basement cleaners have gone up? So, I Googled $1.29. After all, I'm not completely in denial about inflation and the fluctuations of the market. I'd be willing splurge and go an extra ten cents.

$1.29 turned up no cleaners, only a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich** at UofR. The search went on and I started to see cleaners advertising $1.89 shirts, even a few naming themselves as such, but not around here. So, Richmond, let's get to the bottom of this.

*actually turned out to be a small soda or an "all meat jumbo hot dog." the sandwich was $3.29
**oops, medium soda or a fruit cup.


  1. Would Karen accept 1.19 to do it? Or maybe barter cooking or baby watching? I never go to the dry cleaner unless the tag says "dry clean only". And usually those articles don't make their way into my wardrobe. I wonder how those at home dry cleaning kits work?

  2. Anonymous12:56 PM

    I don't know the name, but I think there is a place in the Tuckahoe (?) shopping center in between the Food Lion and Yen Cheng, that advertised a cheap price,my memory is failing, but I think it ws 99 cents.

  3. On lunch break, I passed a place called "$2.29 Cleaners" on Broad Street. What is this world coming to. Where ever the hell Tuckahoe shopping center is, I'm going there. Is that Midlothian TPK? 6600 block?

    I don't know if Karen would go for the ironing barter. She's got her hands full. The clothes are in my car because she was turning up the heat under my wardrobe mess that had totally engulfed our spare room.

  4. Jason--Tuckahoe shopping center is def not on Midlothian turnpike. I have no idea where it is, but it's not in Chesterfield foh sho.

  5. If you don't need your shirts starched a lot of local laundromats do a fluff and fold where you pay by the pound. The other option would be to do it yourself. I use a wrinkle-reducing fabric softener and haven't had to iron in years.

  6. Shirts still in car. Paralyzed by indecision. Hate... ironing... will... not... compromise.

    But, the comments here have earned more background details. I washed a bunch of dress shirts one day and draped them on the elliptical (thanks craigslist) to be ironed in front of the TV. I did one. It took me 20 minutes and I put a bunch of creases in where they shouldn't be.

    Three months later, I've gained 5 more pounds as the elliptical serves as a shirt rack. At this point, taking them down and throwing them in the car is progress. If I were shrewd, I'd progress further by taking my coworker's advice: The best dry cleaning deal is the place that's closest and most convenient for you. In other words, do yourself a favor, Jason, and put those shirts back into the rotation (and cross this off your todo list in the process)... but I still wanna know where the cheapest spot is.

  7. 1.75 Dry Cleaner Central
    6026 Brook Road, Richmond, VA 23227

    They may offer a discount on multiple items.
    (804) 262-4020

  8. Thanks Sketchy. I just ended my misery and crossed this off my to do list.

    Yesterday, I went ahead dropped my 17 shirts off at #1 Cleaners at Kensington and Roseneath. They charged me $1.60 per shirt.


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