Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wisteria: More Buds for Your Buck (and the Tag Trick)

Last week, I wore this new shirt to work, but I left the tag on it, in case I decided to return it. One of my hobbies is to order bargain clothes from Sierra Trading Post* and then use their enclosed UPS return label to return the stuff that doesn't fit or just looks hideous. This shirt passed the test. It'll be one of my faves once I lose five pounds, and I'm not crazy about that criss-cross shoulder panel, but overall, it's a keeper.

The tag-trick isn't normal for me, but I just thought I'd show you the depths I'll go to ensure a good value. Is it ethical? (yes, if you agree that the customer is right "by any means necessary") Tacky? (probably, but I tucked the tag into the shirt while at work) What if I stank it up? (I didn't) One of Sierra's return criteria is "it shrunk." Does that mean I can send something back after removing the tags and washing it? Doubtful. Speaking of bargains, my wisteria plants have really taken off over the past three years (that's them with the purple flowers.

Wisteria is known for climbing all over everything and leaving a behind taut vines that wrap around your fences, etc. On our back porch, the black wrought-iron looked kinda cheap, so we bought plants that would spruce it up. So, we bought two of them for $15 each and positioned them strategically. A landscaper friend of ours counseled us to be patient, saying they'll "sleep, creep, and leap." The first year, they won't do much. Then they'll come back in the spring and start crawling up your stuff. And in the third year, your wisteria will be taking over and that's the big payoff.

Actually, these purple flowers are the real payoff, as they'll make you the envy of the neighborhood (for about a week or so, before they fall apart and make a big mess). Let's remember my porch flowers with this picture until next May rolls around. Cheers.

*I love the deep discounts at Sierra Trading Post, but I can't help but pass on this one detail. Their site features a "what we believe" page. Item number three states: That our business ethics must be consistent with the faith of the owners in Jesus Christ and His teachings." I've tried to remind their customer service department about this statement when addressing little things that come up from time to time. Nonetheless, Jesus isn't about to turn over the marketplace installment in the temple at Sierra. Business is still business.

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  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    hmmm - being a christian myself - I find that putting personal beliefs like that on a corporate website - a little too "in your face" - I wonder what their company diversity philosophy is like.....

    on a different note - I love the wisteria - my mother in law has it at her house and when you stand under it - all you hear is the constant buzz and hum of the bees swirling above - very calming....


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