Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Richmond Food Blogger is Born

For the past couple years, whenever I Googled looking for restaurant recommendations, I wound up at a site called Chowhound reading posts by "Janet from Richmond." Although Chowhound isn't really geared toward RVA and the Richmond content isn't very well organized, people do post questions about dining in Richmond, and Janet has been dutifully answering with her expertise. Her posts are thoughtful, opinionated (points for that!), and well informed (four meals out per week!).

Well, Janet from Richmond now has a blog. From here on out, you'll have a convienient place to go to find out about Janet's faves, and her controversial dislikes. I don't know about you, but I think maybe I'll just retire and convert this space to a baby blog. Pop by her site, and welcome Janet to the blogosphere.


  1. Oh boy, someone else with a "hubby"..

    Is Richmond that bassackwards?

    My wife can't believe that kind of crap. Nor can I.

  2. Sorry about the hubby use...I really don't like it either but am undecided on using his real name at this point and didn't want to use Dh or type out husband. Any suggestions are welcomed as I don't refer to him as "hubby" in real life. Maybe I can give him an alias.

    And Jason, thank you again for being so supportive and encouraging.

  3. Don't mind Ted. He's just jealous. A nickname means you're cool. I've been with Karen since 2003 and still no nickname (even though I've got at least a dozen for her). For the record, I think Richmond is "bassackwards," possibly permanently so.

  4. Bullsh*t..

    the cuteness in RVA foodie blogs is ridiculous.. aren't you guys adults?

    To Janet..

    "himself" or "his nibs" are good ways to describe a male spouse..

    As for myself:

    Been in Denver for a mapping conference eatin' the hell out of outstanding Jalisco & Michoacan style Mexican food.. and also Nepali food. You should be jealous, rva foodie..

    & I have plenty of nicknames. Look at my URL, bub.

  5. Janet:
    I'm not a blogger.. I wanted to post this to your site.. you don't have a non-blog option...

    Why is Can Can so bloody popular? has no charm since it is so shiny and new.. ever been to Bistrot du Coin near DuPont Circle? That is a nice, comfy, and non-exclusive place. It seems RVA wants Disneyfied Frenchness.. and yes, I have seen the Kingdom of the Rat.


  6. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Ted needs to go back to his own blog and leave us bassackwards rva foody types alone - blogger bully!!!


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