Friday, May 23, 2008

Beach Babe Hottie is of Two Minds

We're taking Jasper to the beach in Oak Island, NC. This is his new Body Glove surfer top with "rash-guard." It's way too big, but that's what I get for buying it online at 85% off. He looks pretty ambivalent here. Probably because the dude has a split personality.

He might be soothed by the sound of the waves and chill out under the umbrella all day. Since some friends have invited us to stay at a private beach, he'll be able to play it cool and get his milk on with the convenience of bikini access (modesty courtesy of a beach towel, I'm assuming).

Or, he could turn into Mr. Fussy Face and scream loud enough to clear the beach of any other vacationers. Do the sunglasses hide his angst here, or can you see the real Jasper shining through?

Wish us luck.


  1. Experience tells me, from the picture, that he has a pretty full diaper... I'd scream at that point too...

  2.'s a body glove..too funny. he's not gonna be a fan of those sunglasses for a long time. he might put up with them when he's about 1 yr. have fun at the beach!

  3. No, he doesn't like the shades.

    Piet: Jasper will take that as a compliment.

  4. I didn't mean 'full' in that manner... That's just wrong, but a bit funny....


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