Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Mother's Day Message from Jasper

Jasper whispers sweet nothings to his grandmother on Mother's Day, 2008. It's an early vocalization, at five weeks, but it may have been a response to the misstatement that the year is 2007. Jasper demands accuracy... and milk.


  1. Haha..that's funny and so cute! Your own lil whoopie cushion :)

  2. Such a darling film of gastronomical repercussions! I fail, however, to see any credit given to the filmmaker, or to the charming narrator except for correcting her numerical voice-over mistake.

    Only a very proud grandmother would forgive such an oversight without seeking legal redress.

  3. Whoops....so mesmerized was I by beautiful Jasper I failed to notice the opening words of "to his grandmother" - all is forgiven.

    The hillbilly granny


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