Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Dinner on the Cheap (reposted)

Not sure where to go for your Valentine's Day meal out? Most of my recommendations from last year are still in business.* I can't do up a new blog post just now, so you have to check out that link (not really a repost, I know). It can also serve as general cheap date night suggestions. I would also add Momotaru, the new sushi in Carytown, to that list (my mini write-up is here and touches on a few other relative bargains). Of course, the issue of personal finance is certainly relevant. To me, cooking at home seems like the most appropriate maneuver, if the economy has you taking evasive action.

However... Karen and I deserve a little romance. So, we are going to avoid the Valentine's Day fuss (both the restaurants and the baby) by going out for lunch on Sunday. We haven't even discussed where to eat yet. All we know is that grandma is going to watch the baby. If you have any suggestions for us, please speak up. Proximity to an hourly rate hotel is a plus ;0).

Enjoy the weekend. I'll be spending every waking hour writing about incentive-based motivation theories of public management. Oh joy!

*Did Taqueria del Sol go under? What happened?


  1. Anonymous10:59 AM

    I will have the biggest hissy fit EVER if Taqueria Del Sol went under! That is hands DOWN the best thing I have ever gotten from your blog. I am from S. CA and I miss real Mexican food like you cannot believe. Taqueria was worth the hike.

    I live walking distance from Celito Lindo and would never darken their door. Nasty, nasty gringo food. ;)

    - Just a lurker

  2. I don't wanna say what I've seen/heard regarding Taqueria del Sol, because I don't want to have an adverse effect on their business. I guess I just need go find out for myself. But, assuming they are open, I encourage everyone to go there and buy lots of everything, especially the handmade tortilla based items.

    "nasty gringo food"
    You are my kind of lurker.

  3. i will say we went by there to eat a few nights ago and it was dark? when i drove by this morning - lights were on and people were moving around.


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