Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pugs + Babies + Mud = ?

This pug got his mug all up in the camera, while others planted sloppy wet kisses on our baby. Their paws spread mud all over Jasper, Karen, and me. (I think the dog's name was Oscar. Hard to tell with over 20 pugs stampeding around Barker's Field.

This four month old pug was overwhelmed by everything, except Jasper.

Some people bring non-pugs. It's a free world.

By this point, you're probably noticing how good pugs are with babies. This is an incomplete picture. Pugs have many unappealing idiosyncrasies. I don't want to enable breed fetishes by promoting pug propaganda (but damn, we love our pug).

This fawn pug (means beige) was as soft as a $50 teddy-bear.

For those keeping score at home, the black one on the left with the green harness is Frankie Poo Bubbas.

Previously mentioned pug mug hamming it up.

We all had to get changed after this romp.

The outting wasn't perfect. Jasper wanted a nap really badly. That basically means he was looking for anything to nurse on. Right on time, the pugs offered their tongues.


  1. I know the post you linked to is called "don't get a pug" but I am not listening. love.

  2. Pugs are super charming. In fact, they inspire irrational acquisitions of pug puppies. That "don't get a pug" link goes to PugVillage, a site that is absolutely fanatical about the care, rights, and near deification of pugs. Anywho, ours snores and engages in spiteful defecation/urination, but otherwise, all love.

  3. bfish7:55 PM

    I came to your blog to read about food, but love the pug content (we have four, had five before one died, so that should tell you we're fans and irrational). They have a very communal nature with each other which encourages "collecting". We also bred pugs for awhile and oh my, that is such a way to spread happiness! Our black pug is very willful and naughty but that just endears her to me more. To me the biggest pluses are they're great with kids and all people, and they get along well with cats, i.e. they're not hard-wired to be predatory (we have four indoor cats). The biggest minus is eye problems -- the protruding eyes are prone to physiological problems and injuries and this is very costly stuff to treat. The latter may put us off of pugs when the time comes for a new dog family.


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