Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kinda/sorta Breaking Up with Blogging

Friends, I'm holding back on some really choice blog topics... but not by choice (it's not you, it's me - insert complaint about grad-school overextendedness here). Basically, I've decided to see other people besides Blogspot. To sow my wild oats, I'm electing to micro-blog on Twitter haphazardly. Brevity isn't my strong point, as you know. But, that's how it's got to be for now. There will still be break-up and make-up blog posts with reckless abandon. So do keep an eye on this space, even if only to check in on Karen's Corner (on the right there - you all are seeing that, right?).

I still can't seem to get the Twitter updates for both Karen and me to run simultaneously as Blogger gadgets (any techies out there, please help!). Otherwise, you'd see my Twitter updates on the right hand side as well. Hopefully soon... (HEY, IT'S FIXED. THANKS MARINARA MAN!)

Anywho, here's what you'll be missing cuz I can't allow myself to blog to my heart's content:
  • A rant about (blech) Panera Bread
  • Highlights of my email exchange with Peter Reinhart
  • An internal battle of epic proportions over Ellwood's new coffee shop
  • My attempt at duplicating Chef Andy's Mediterranean Shortstack
  • Where to find the cheapest walk-in yoga - a discussion post
  • DIY mental healthcare: aka Dr. Weil's 4-7-8 relaxation breath
  • Cedar plank fish experiement (i.e., next time don't use frozen fish)
  • Best and worst meals with Jasper ever: both at P.F. Changs, of all places
  • More pizza stone sleuthing
This is less than a week's worth of posts, some already partially written. I had 164 blog entries last year. I'm sure you all know that I won't be able to stay away.


  1. pClark1:21 PM

    The long good bye.

  2. I realize that I'm being a total drama queen. Karen says my previous one about "scaling back" sounded like a politician (talking out of both sides of my mouth). If a bunch of posts show up this weekend, I'll swear that I "never had relations with that blog."

  3. I had a horrible (as in I will never go back) experience at Panera last week. I also have had two horrible experiences this week trying to support the local guys. I'm feeling quite jaded right now.

  4. My problem with Panera is, first, on a political/aesthetic/Mr.CrankyPants level. The chain is, in my opinion, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Of course the food is gonna suck (even when it doesn't). If only Superman could fly around the planet reversing time until that fart that is Panera creeps back into the earth's ass. That said, bread is good, even when made by machines and corporate wage slaves. If there are no local bakers to be put out of business, then Panera may have a place... except, I still think Panera should be prohibited in the off chance that someone somewhere might consider one day possibly putting flour, yeast, and water together. If the city established a WIFI hotspot for the whole region, Panera would be out of business in six weeks.

  5. Anonymous12:00 AM

    "Highlights of my email exchange with Peter Reinhart?" What? I need this!!


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