Tuesday, November 04, 2008

14 Rewards for Voting for Change

He never seems to see it coming.

Oh, the vexing plastic butterfly on a stick.

Splish slash, I was takin' a bath.

Stop looking at the... avocado tub from the 70s.
D'you wanna remodel our bathroom?

Enough with the nudie shots, already.
I might run for office one day.

Amuse bouche.

The mysterious vanishing bottom lip.

Three courses for $0.25 at Jasper's restaurant week:
sweet potatoes, vanilla yogurt, frozen banana (all organic).

We went to Belle Isle with this contraption (pulling my hair all the way)

I soiled my other costume.

He's about to push Frankie down the slide.


  1. thank you for the reward. mine have gotten too big for all this. course they were dancing in the rain standing in the Fulton Hill line this morning.

    Alex (from women in black RVA before this got so ugly)

  2. Lauren6:00 PM

    Not to be rude...but if I didn't vote for "change" as you would consider a vote for Obama, does that mean I'm not supposed to get the reward? Shouldn't you want to reward everyone who cast an educated vote???!! :)

  3. I guess I have some explaining to do, since my title is so misleading (neither "rewards" or "change" were defined whatsoever). With the anticipation of a stressful and polarizing day before us, I thought I'd share a pile of new Jasper pics as a brief respite. That's a contradiction right there, as Jasper Dee can be both a pleasure and a pain - in person.

    Having spent almost the entire day at a Richmond polling place urging voters to consider extending the "change" agenda to the School Board race, here in Richmond, I rationalized using the loaded term as a matter of perspective. Of course, change comes with growing pains (politically and baby-ly).

    Today, I witnessed the way the Democratic Committee endorsements are used to tilt the playing field in local races (mayoral, councilmanic, and school board) even though party affiliation is supposed to come into play and the party has zero interest in our school system (as they can count on 78% vote for their presidential candidates). So, "change" as exhibited by the Democrats is a pretty superficial practice and a misnomer when the party typically endorses every entrenched political machine - whether they serve the people well or not). Okay, enough venting.

  4. Lauren10:23 PM

    Wow, I really like what you said in that comment. I am very happy to hear that even though you have very different views than mine, we can agree on the "entrenched political machine" being a major problem!

  5. Lauren, it's all I can do to keep from writing my treatise against political party meddling in municipal races. Right now, I can't put my energy there. But, everyone has their excuses for continuing to let politics continue as usual. I just hope to see Obama's momentum of political progress move forward with more respect to the public interest on the local level. Richmond has a ways to go.


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