Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jasper says Da-Da, Stands on His Own

It was a week of firsts for Jasper Diego Guard. On Wednesday, he was given a box of toys. To see inside of it, he pulled himself up. Now, he's doing the same move every time he gets a hold of anything.

Shortly after chowing down, the little guy started babbling. One of his favorite sounds now is "Bla-bla-bla." Karen has been responding to him by saying "Da-da." On Saturday, Jasper considered this response for a moment before delivering his rebuttal, "Da-da-da." We're counting those first two as Da-da, in other words, ME! (kind of a leap there)

When we say Da-da to him, Jasper lights up. I tap his chest and say his name and then tap mine and say Da-da and watch it sink in. Now, he's starting to reply in kind and we're loving it. All the books say that if you stick your tongue out, your baby will then do the same. Not Jasper. His tongue stays in his mouth for some reason. But, Da-da is coming out all over the place.

Moments like these make me forget about all the fussing and wailing.

(for those of you wondering where all the clever food blogging has gone, I don't have a good explanation... school, work, baby, household budget cuts, not going out to eat or cooking anything too exciting. I'm sure I'll find more time over the holidays)


  1. I'm perfectly fine with hearing the bragging dad comments. Jasper is such a cutie I always enjoy when he makes it into the blog. Your a proud papa and I appreciate your sharing.

  2. awww..he looked sooo happy when you said da-da. =)

  3. In case anybody is wondering, I know that I was a little demanding from behind the camera and that I tried to get Jasper's attention as if he was a dog. But, wasn't that face he made really precious?


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