Friday, October 31, 2008

Introducing: Darling Octopus Designs

If I haven't already whined about this enough already, Karen's salaried job as a graphic designer (and marketing coordinator) was recently reduced to part time. So, when life gives you lemons, you make... a lemon drop shooter to drown your sorrows. But seriously, Karen is pulling out all the stops to supplement our household's missing green stuff by breaking into the world of freelance graphic design. It's not new for her, but until now, freelance side jobs have been a choice, not a matter of necessity.

Introducing: Darling Octopus Designs

I'm sure we'll adjust and everything will work out fine. But, in the meantime, Karen needs help spreading the word about her new venture. Go ahead a take a peek at her portfolio. It's an interesting tour through Richmond's business, political, and non-profit sectors. The examples there include logos, brochures, web sites, Flash designed ads, and some political mailers you might recognize from past local elections.

Yeah, the stuff on Karen's portfolio site is pretty good, but it's nothing compared to the work she's gonna churn out, once she gets this freelancing gig off the ground. I think Barack Obama put it best in the big finish in his latest stump speech. To paraphrase:

In this coming week, if you will...
Knock on some doors for Karen.
Make some calls for Karen.
Forward this message via email for Karen.
And go to Darling Octopus for Karen...

...then, I won't have to give up graduate school and get a second job washing dishes. Thanks for your consideration. Seriously.

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