Sunday, January 11, 2009

You Pick the Topic: I'll Blog It

This weekend has been pretty action packed for me. Karen and Jasper are out of town and I've tried to have a bunch of adventures. Most of them would be worth a blog entry, but I don't want to sit still long enough to write about all of them. Here's the chronology of my activities. Drop a comment and let me know which is actually of interest to you. Don't be shy, this is a "made to order" blog entry on whichever topic gets the most (or any) requests). Plus, I'm indecisive and need your help with that. I'll sit down to blog Sunday night and post it Monday morning.

Friday, after work:
  • Oysters, a rusty nail, and bad clams at Can Can with Piet and Matt
  • VCU gym was closed, so I had Rodney Yee and Baron Baptiste run me through some yoga via dvd in my living room
  • Saw "Milk" at the Westhampton

  • Cleaning house to El Guincho. Impossible to keep up with the staccato rhythm/vocals. Fun tho.
  • Bike-ride to the Battlefields out Rt 5 (10 miles each way! Legs still like jello)
  • Pizza at Tarrantino's Pizzeria informed by the book I'm (still) reading (American Pie, the search for the perfect pizza)
  • Drinks with bloggers at the White Dog (three discount apps for $5/each served as dinner for two of us)

Sunday AM
  • Finished assembling the Ikea furniture.
  • As yet unplanned brunch.
UPDATE: Brunch is off the table as a blogging topic. I didn't put much effort into arranging any kind of companionship (got tired of waiting for some people's hangovers to subside). Plus, I've got this fantasy of going to the gym today (but not before eating). So, I decided to try my first attempt at "eggs in a hole." A perfect finale to a weekend of flying solo.
I didn't consult any cookbooks, websites, or experts, aside from my stomach (hence, two eggs and BIG sourdough toast). There are probably loads of thinks I should have done differently here. That red stuff around the sides is LightLife brand "Smart Bacon" (I had a coupon). It's not as good as Morningstar Farms.

I'm really not sure if you're supposed to flip it or not. I did, because the pan was starting to smoke a little and the egg wasn't even close to setting on top. As you can see, the white spilled a bit during the flip (actually, I had no idea what kind of catastrophe was under that toast). Nonetheless, the top came out pretty.

Here's the underside, not too catastrophic. As I plated it, I craved a sauce. Unfortunately, I could feel that I'd cooked the yolks through, so there wasn't any yolk sauce to count on. It still tasted good, if a little dry. It wasn't until I called Karen and she informed me of the missing last step: Deglaze the pan with some sherry vinegar, assuming a lot of butter was used to fry (see Bittman's #27). Pour the tangy yumminess on top. Maybe next time.

Okay, back to the voting!


  1. I thought MILK was awesome!! I am not a big fan of Penn, but really liked him in this role... enjoy your brunch!

  2. Great movie. I'll take that as a vote for MILK.

  3. Anonymous1:21 PM


  4. Anonymous1:22 PM

    MILK and white dog

  5. ugh. now i feel even worse. thanks.

  6. I was just playin' about the hangover. The internet was made for trash talkin'. Any excuse to take pictures of food in my kitchen is always a good turn of events.

  7. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I just love stories about you, Peit and Matt.

  8. Oh, I'm sorry, Anon. What happens in Food-vegas stays in Food-vegas... actually, the Can Can anecdote is a pretty memorable moment. I could be persuaded to divulge if identities are withheld to protect the gluttonous.


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