Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Peanut Chili in the RTD

In today's Richmond Times-Dispatch, I've contributed a recipe for peanut chili.* There are a few quotes provided and some general food prep/philosophy as well. But, I'm sure you all will have questions? I mean, peanut chili must be a pretty foreign concept. It was for me in 1999 when my mom made it for me during one of her forays into vegetarian/veganism. She'd subscribed to Vegetarian Times magazine** and zero'd in on the recipe included in a story about cooking with nuts. We've both been wild about the stuff ever since. So, please check it out and share your thoughts. In the hard-copy, there's a picture of me with a bad haircut - sure to become a collector's item.

*It seems that the recipe isn't on the RTD website, just the preface. If you're interested, this link is almost word-for-word the same.
** Didn't VT relocate their corporate HQ to Richmond a few years back?


  1. Anonymous4:23 PM

    That's cool. Can it be scaled to serve, like 20 people? Do non-veggie types like it?

  2. A good chili is a good chili, regardless of one's eating orientation. As I say in the RTD story, a worthwhile chili is about the gravy and not the solids. This stuff will make you slurp and burp and go back for seconds. Multiply those ingredients and tell me how it goes. Just don't serve it on paper plates. Use a bowl.

  3. I made your chili yesterday for my weeks' lunches...this is good stuff


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