Saturday, July 05, 2008

Jingoism Makes Me Spit Up

UofR professor and neighbor of mine, Thad Williamson, has a piece published at It's a reflection on the Declaration of Independence and the meaning of the 4th of July. Since Thad's awesome political blog is on hiatus, I'm glad to see that he's still writing. He takes the words right outta my mouth about this holiday (that is, if I were as learned as he).

Yesterday, I had my "No War" shirt on all day, trying to reclaim a piece of the day's symbolic meaning. Jasper was wearing a peace sign onezie. It was Karen's intention to get a picture of us together, but too many spit-ups kinda put a damper on those plans.

We also intended to grill veggies and play in the baby pool (which used to be for our pug), but the scattered showers, nursing, and napping kinda took precedent. Luckily, yesterday was not Saturday. Today is! So, after we take care of the injured woodpecker that Karen found outside her office, we're gonna exercise some free-will one way or another and have some fun.

Wish us luck.


  1. Love the onesie - and the raised fist. A few more months and he'll be ready for his first subscription to Mother Jones!

  2. Anonymous12:38 PM

    off topic

    the tor de france is on and running


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