Monday, April 21, 2008

Stop the Madness, Start the Movement

Ditto. That title deserves an eloquent post. I'm going to let two other firebrands do the talking on the topic of the race for the White House. Mega-dittos.


  1. Ok, so I get I should vote Obama over Hillary, but I'm still not convinced that I should be voting "the big D" over McCain. Moore didn't really do a good job addressing that issue, but I guess most people who read his stuff are liberal and thus don't need convincing. I agree that Bush has sucked as a president, but what is so wrong with McCain?

  2. Another Richmond blogger posted some interesting points about an Obama/McCain showdown:

    Personally, I view the modern Republican party as a band of racist good'ol boys (but, they do have a few good'ol golden girls in there as well). So, in that way Bush/McCain are cut from the same cloth (which happens to be pointy hooded white sheets).

    However, generalizations aside, Bush's disasterous blunders didn't happen in a vacuum. His every decision was ratified by McCain and other senior leaders of the Republican party. Without McCain's towing the line, Bush would not have been able to screw up as bad as he has. AND, if you view Iraq as a miscalculation (to say the least), McCain is a step backwards and deeper into the dogshit as he wants to see the US occupy (and expand the invasion and bombing campaigns in) more Middle Eastern countries for the next 100 years.

    Yeah, McCain does have a reputation as a maverick and an independent thinker, but those days are long behind him in a time when the Republican party had a few more issues on it's agenda than terror, immigrants, and more terror. At this point in his old age, McCain is clinging to what's left of his coherency, slowly slipping into scenility, after an eight year deal with the devil.

    Karma is a bitch. And Obama is the perfect candidate to respectfully and gently extinguish the Grand Old Party's burning bluster and bigotry.

  3. I guess the more experience you have, the more mistakes you are inevitably going to have made. Doesn't a lack of experience worry you at all? Sure he may give good speeches and have these utopian ideas, but what has he actually done? Hell, I could come up with some good ideas and make good speeches, but I know I have no place in the political arena.

  4. With McCain, "experience" is also an issue because we'd get basically the same administration in office; a continuation of the past 8 years. I think, the question for voters is "do you want an administration in office that we've already experienced (McCain/Clinton) or do you want to try something new?"

  5. I just discovered this irreverent Richmond blogger. Her take the the election is pretty darn good:

  6. I don't mind being irreverent, if that's what it takes. :-)


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