Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Revolution Will Dine Al Fresco (Sunday, in Byrd Park)

Sunday picnic! Where? In Byrd Park! Who? You! Everybody! Anybody! Just bring a bite to eat and expect to find people to meet. Come out of your cave. Simple as that. Picnic Revolution is organized by Basket Head Productions (see their announcement below), the first in a series of public gatherings centered around food and the great outdoors. It's scheduled from 11am-3pm on Sunday, April 27th.

As one of the basket-cases informed me, it's all about "buying local grub and eating/sharing with others in our own backyard - in this case along Shields Lake in Byrd Park." Who can't handle that? "Hopefully we will get a handful of true Richmond foodies showing off their picnic tins or baskets packed with local market produce." Not a foodie? If you eat, you qualify.

If you're not familiar with Byrd Park. There are three lakes: the one with the fountain, the one with the island, and then there's Sheilds Lake, the one closest to Maymont with all the tables, benches and grills under the canopy of trees; perfect for a picnic. Let's hope the weather cooperates and clears the way for some Springtime spontaneity.

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Reminder- You are invited to the first Basket Head Productions gathering of Picnic Revolution. The first gathering will be this Sunday, April 27, 2008 on the south west shore of Shields Lake (along Shields Lake Court) in Byrd Park from 11am to 3pm. Please note: this is a revised location from the lastemail. Click the following link for location via Google Maps:,-77.475339&spn=0.0061

Picnic Revolution is Richmond's local, sustainable, and mobile food celebration. Picnic can be defined as 'a pleasure excursion at which a meal is eaten outdoors, ideally taking place in a beautiful landscape'. The focus of Picnic Revolution is to promote and support our local food and park systems.

Who's invited? Everyone! Spread the word.

What to bring? Food- local, fresh, and ready to eat. Beverages. Flatware. Blankets. Games.

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The Basket Head Staff


  1. Will Jasper, the littlest foodie, be there? If so, I might have to come out of my cave.

  2. Jasper is down for a walk in the park, but he's concerned about the lack of community conversation (in the form of comments) affixed to this post.

    Jasper's daddy is thinking about bringing a bag of "the green stuff" and an item that looks and functions like a water pipe. Hippy recognize hippy. But, it's not what you think.


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