Monday, March 10, 2008

OpiNIONated Restaurant Listings

I have finally listed all of the restaurants that have received my attention in a convenient clickable list in this blog's template (for now, only shown on the homepage). It was an hour or so of laborious HTML manipulation, but it's finally done. Many of the older "reviews" are still representative and timely and others may need updating. So, I hope that you'll feel free to round out my OpiNIONS with your own comments. We've all got our points of view and I'm hoping that consumer advocacy will increase as a community ethic through this kind of online discussion. Or maybe, "I just wanna see something different every day and write a story about it." (from the Wire's final episode)

A minor programming update like this is probably a trivial development for most blogs, but it was hard for me, SO BACK OFF! Yeah, I just stole that joke from Billy Madison, my favorite Adam Sandler movie. In the spirit of irreverence, I included a few ALL CAPS exhortations that aren't actually restaurants, per se. Those are just bonuses from the archives that were relevant, but hard to categorize.

There are other online listings of Richmond restaurants, like, or Style Weekly, and eventually the new RVA Eats. All of these are probably more informative than what you see here, but they may not include consumer feedback.

With that backhanded comment, let the clicking and schticking commence.

RVA Foodie


  1. #1 on RVA and the crickets are deafening....

  2. My guess is that the other posts will be the ones to receive an influx of input, now that the listing has unearthed them.

    Here's a techie question, if anyone can help: How do I get the restaurant list on my sidebar to show up on every one of these pages and not just the homepage?

  3. Hi-
    I read your review of the Native American Museum's cafe, which I enjoy because the food is broken down by region. The food is good, quick, salubrious and everything taste better heaped on fry bread; fat cells, start screaming.

  4. I still think about that fry bread and the corn pudding... and, I'm still contemplating the meaning of salubrious.


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