Friday, January 25, 2008


Most of you probably recognize this phrase from South Park's Eric Cartman. He took a lot of body-building supplements in order to get buff, but didn't realize that you're supposed to work out to burn the calories and turn the carbs into muscle. Sometimes I feel like Cartman (see this and...)...

It's gotten so I'm afraid to step on the scale, because I'm not finding enough time to work out, but I'm doing those protein shakes like clockwork. Luckily, I'm not downing weightgain 4000, the variety that Eric Cartman fell for. Stop reading right now and go back and click those links. They're great (even better en espanol).

Seriously though, the scale doesn't lie, but it doesn't tell the whole truth either. Personally, I'm getting stronger. My man-boobs aren't jiggling quite as much. And, although I don't yet have six-pack abs, my pony-keg isn't splooshing around like it used to. And it's all because of the diet advice that I listed in my previous post (...and ovo-lacto-pesca vegetarianism, progressive politics, sporadic weight training).

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